Photo Albums

A picture is worth a thousand words!  

We thought you would enjoy touring around the Cariboo with us in our Photo Album: "Life at Wild Rose Kennels".

For all the dogs we have loved ... we honor them in our Photo Album: "We Remember". This album is located at the bottom of this page.

Each puppy photo album (below) contains many of the puppy photos that were taken while the pups were with us. Through the years, we receive oodles of doodle photos from our clients and have also posted many of these for your viewing enjoyment. Click on the photo to open individual albums for each litter. Our albums can be viewed by individual photos, expanded to full size by clicking on the photo, or viewed as a slideshow. A few albums are stored on the Google website - if you want to view these, you'll be directed to their site.

Puppy albums have been organized: "Standard / Moyen Labradoodles", "Mini / Moyen Labradoodles", "Micro Mini Labradoodles", and "Moyen Poodles."

So grab a java, pull up a chair ... and enjoy our Photo Albums!

PHOTO ALBUM: "Life At Wild Rose Kennels"

PHOTO ALBUMS:  "Standard / Moyen Labradoodles & Goldendoodles"


Java & Monty, Born February 24, 2011
(to view this album, you will be directed to the Google website)
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Shayla & Monty, Born March 3, 2011
(to view this album, you will be directed to the Google website)
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PHOTO ALBUMS: "Mini / Moyen Labradoodles"

PHOTO ALBUM: MINI-MOYEN 2nd Generation LABRADOODLES, Saffron & Flame, March 29, 2017  back


































































PHOTO ALBUMS: "Micro Mini Labradoodles"


Bracken & Jordan, Born March 2, 2011
(to view this album, you will be directed to the Google website)
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PHOTO ALBUMS: "Moyen Poodles"

"A good dog never dies.  He always stays.  
He walks beside you on crisp autumn days when frost is on the fields
and winter's drawing near.  
His head is within our hand in his old way."
Mary Carolyn Davies 

PHOTO ALBUM:  "We Remember"

Our dogs retire when they are seven years old. They have worked hard for us and so we work hard for them to find them forever homes where they can live out their lives as pampered kings and queens.  

Sometimes a dog is healthy but does not meet our strict breeding criteria and will receive "early retirement". These dogs will be adopted as a pet dog to a loving family.  

And sadly, sometimes a dog dies and is no longer in our arms - but they will always remain in our hearts. We honor these special friends that have showered us with their unconditional love, licked our tears away, and given us more joy that we thought possible. We miss them deeply but are grateful for the years God gave us with each one.  Sleep well dear friend!

Java retired in June 2011. She found a home with a little girl named Brook. We are so thankful that Java gets to have her own special girl and will be well loved by her new family!
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