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All of our 2019 puppies have been adopted - thanks so much. We will not be having any more pups until the spring of 2020. Lucy's next litter of Goldendoodles are expected February 2020 and we have begun to accept puppy reservations for her litter. Thanks!     

If you would like to be considered for an amazing Wild Rose Kennels puppy, please visit our "Adoption Information" page for steps to adoption or complete our "Puppy Adoption Questionnaire".

Adoption fees range from $1800. Inquire for specific litter details.

Note:  We do not dock tails, remove dew claws or early spay our pups.

All past litters can be viewed on their individual Photo Albums on our Photo Albums webpage.

***Please note, we no longer breed Moyen Poodles or Mini-Moyen Labradoodles as both of our Moms have retired.  




Lucy is our 1st Generation Moyen-Standard Goldendoodle. She is a true redhead! She is an intelligent, happy-go-lucky gal who gets along with everybody. She has a playful temperament and loves to be right by your side. She loves people and other dogs. Lucy is about 55 lbs and has a very unique ginger coat. Her coat is medium-long, thick, curly with lots of waves.

Lucy's had her litter of Moyen Goldendoodles on December 28, 2018. ALL OF LUCY'S PUPS HAVE BEEN ADOPTED - thanks so much!

Lucy's pups may go to their new homes anytime after February 22. Complimentary delivery to the Okanagan via Merritt and the Lower Mainland is planned for Saturday, February 23.

LUCY'S GOOGLE PHOTO ALBUM LINK (click this link to open Lucy's Google Photo Album).

F1 Miss Raison: has been adopted by Mitchell family
F2 Miss Sky:  has been adopted by Yee family
M3 Mr Tan:  has been adopted by Saini family 
M4 Mr Teal:  has been adopted by Arkles family
M5 Mr Night:  has been adopted by Roulston family
M6 Mr Red Bones:  has been adopted by Graham family
M7 Mr Blue Bones:  has been adopted by McAllister family

PHOTO ALBUM: MOYEN GOLDENDOODLES, Lucy & Romeo, Dec 28, 2018  back

Lucy's Kids
Lucy's Kids
December 28, 2018

Lucy's Kids
December 28, 2018











Lyric had her litter of Moyen-Standard Labradoodles on January 3, 2019. She had 7 pups (5 girls and 2 boys). Her pups will have a variety of coat types ... from smooth to quite curly. Romeo (the daddy) is about 35 lbs - their pups will be between 35-60 lbs as adults. Lyric's pups will be ready to go to their new homes anytime after February 28. Complimentary delivery to the Okanagan via Merritt and Lower Mainland is planned for Saturday March 2. Stay tuned for details.

LYRIC'S GOOGLE PHOTO ALBUM LINK (click this link to open Lyric's Google Photo Album)

ADOPTION UPDATE - all of Lyric's puppies have now been adopted - thanks!
M1 Mr Blue: ADOPTED by Smeds family
M2 Mr Red: ADOPTED by Matsunuma family
F3 Miss Rainbow:  ADOPTED by Jones family
F4 Miss Purple: ADOPTED by Gamache family
F5 Miss Blue Sparkle: ADOPTED by Nelson family
F6 Miss Black: ADOPTED by MacKinnon family
F7 Miss Pink Sparkle:  ADOPTED by Stewart family