Mini-Moyen Labradoodles


As of 2014, we introduced Mini-Moyen Labradoodles at Wild Rose Kennels. Our Mini-Moyens are 2nd Generation doodles and are a cross between a Moyen Poodle dad and a 1st Generation Mini Labradoodle mom. They possess all the great qualities of their larger counterparts (the Standard Labradoodles) except that they are smaller. They are a great pet for those families preferring a smaller doodle and who want a low to non shedding doodle.   





The moms and dads of our Mini-Moyens are chosen not only for their great health but also for their wonderful personalities that are passed onto their pups. 

Our 2nd Generation Mini-Moyens range in adult size from 25 lbs up to 40 lbs and are known for being sturdy, easy-going companion dogs who can keep up with even the most active family. Being 2nd Gens we still get a variety of coat types although most pups tend to have curlier coats.

Note:  The photos on this page are 1st Generation Minis.

“When a puppy takes fifty catnaps in the course of the day, he cannot always be expected to sleep the night through.”  

Albert Payson Terhune