Standard-Moyen Labradoodles


1st Generation Standard Labradoodles are a cross between a Standard Poodle dad and a Labrador Retriever mom. They have proved to be a hardy crossbreed possessing the best genetics of both the Labrador Retriever and the Standard Poodle. They appeal to many families for their superior intelligence, hardy genetic make-up and easy-going playful temperaments - not to mention that they are the most beautiful dogs in the world!

As of 2014, due to requests for a "smaller" standard doodle that didn't shed so much, we introduced a 2nd Generation Standard-Moyen. This is a crossbreed between a 1st Generation Standard Labradoodle mom and a purebred Moyen Poodle. These pups are 2nd Generation which means they will be low to non-shedding and great for folks with allergies. Being 2nd Generation rather than Multi Generation (doodle x doodle), we still get a variety of coat types from super curly to wavy coats. They are a great size providing sturdiness as well as transportability. They are faithful companion dogs who love to swim and go on adventures with you and your family!

1st Generation Standard Labradoodles have a wide variety of coat types.  In every litter, there are some pups that are more "labby" with shorter, smooth coats while others are more "poodley" with waves and curls.  Pups that lean toward being labbier tend to shed more, be less allergy-friendly but have a very easy-to-care-for-coat that won't need any major grooming other than regular brushing and perhaps a trim around the face.  Pups that lean toward being poodley tend to shed less, be more allergy-friendly but will need more grooming and coat maintenance.  As adults, some of our doodles look very much like sheep dogs while others remain more lab-looking. Many clients have commented that their labby-looking doodle does not shed like a regular lab nor have the typical oily coat that labs are known for - which is great news!

2nd Generation Standard-Moyen Labradoodles still have a variety of coat types although most have curly coats. Standard-Moyens usually need more grooming as the poodle influence in stronger.

Our Standard-Moyens come in a variety of colours - depending on who the mom and dad are. We have solid creams, chocolates, reds and blacks. Occasionally we also get the odd Parti (chocolate/white spots), Phantom (chocolate/tan markings) and Merle colouring.




Our Standards are considered a large breed dog and average 60-75+ lbs as adults. A few of our Standards have reached 100+ lbs!

Our Standard-Moyens are not small dogs but are also not a gigantic large dog that needs it's own backseat to go to the park (haha). Standard-Moyens are considered a medium-large breed dog and average about 40-55+ lbs as adults. 

The photos on this page are 1st Generation Standard Labradoodles.

Beautiful sisters, Miss Pink & Miss Red all grown up!  Now called "Java & Mocha" 


“A dog teaches a boy fidelity, perseverance, and to turn around three times before lying down.”

Robert Benchley

 MICAH (Java & Monty 2011 )

LYRIC (Kona & Monty 2012)


FINNEGAN (Daisy & Reicho 2004)