Meet our Dads

Our dads are chosen not only for their great breeding but also for their temperaments.  Like our moms, all of our dads are regularly examined by a certified Veterinarian prior to breeding and to the best of our ability are free from any genetic disorders. All of our dads are "inside" dogs and enjoy the pampered life of kings. 




"Romeo" is our beautiful Double Registered (AKC and CKC) red Moyen stud!  
With outstanding German breeding this boy brings many championships in his pedigree.
He has a gentle, calm temperament and loves to be right by your side no matter where you go.
He is athletic and enjoys to swim, retrieve and run through the forest.
Romeo is a ladies man for sure and if he's not outside with the "girls", he is curled up at my feet.
He is well porportioned with a shorter back and well-muscled square body.
He has perfectly shaped almond dark brown eyes, black nose and a densely curled light red coat.
His ears are dark copper in colour and are long, wide and densely-feathered.
His undocked tail is also dark copper in colour. He stands about 20" at the shoulder and and is 40 lbs.

Sire:  Gaston Traudels Sonnenschein "Gaston"
Breeder:  Edeltraud Vohringer, Imported from Germany
Dam:  Dayspring Love an Eternal Fire "Lovey"


“Even the tiniest poodle is lionhearted, ready to do anything to defend home, master, and mistress.”

Louis Sabin




“If a dog's prayers were answered,
bones would rain from the sky.” 

Author Unknown