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Our Puppy Resource Manual is an in-depth compilation of many years of research, client questions & answers and personal experience. The art of dog breeding, training and nutrition etc. continues to evolve and we gladly pass on what we have learned to our valuable clients through our Manual.

We believe that adopting a puppy should be an absolutely fun and exciting experience, but also not something taken lightly.  Adopting a dog means a life-long commitment to that dog and you should be well prepared to not only welcome your little puppy into your home, but also provide for him in his twilight years.  

Our Puppy Resource Manual includes 17 informative resources.  With these resources even the first time dog owner will be well prepared to welcome their furry friend home.

Puppy Odyssey, Welcome Home Puppy, Crates & Crate Training, Nutrition, Housetraining Tips (including "Ring the Bell"), The Vet, Socialization & Development, Obedience 101, Grooming, Playtime, The Great Outdoors, Chew! Chew! Chew!, No Bark!, Dental Hygiene, Desexing, Car Rides and our Emergency Quiz.  

Because our Manual is loaded with information, we have included a Recommended Reading Guide that will help you organize the information throughout the weeks prior to your puppy coming home.

As well, we have included an Appendix Section that includes topics both common and rare ... from puppy hiccups to Parvo, cancer and other life-threatening diseases. From time to time, new topics will be added.  

Diarrhea, Ear Mites, Coprophagia, Hernias, Shedding, Hiccups, Skin Diseases, Parvo, Guide to Dog Worming, Help!  I Think I'm Allergic to my Doodle!, Juvenile Cellulitis, Seizures, Canine Hypertrophic Osteodystrophy, Canine Muscular Dystrophy, Canine Meningitis, Hip Dysplasia and Eye Disease & Other Conditions.

Navigate easily through our Manual by clicking on any red sections.  Enjoy the read!





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