Welcome to our Nursery

Our Nursery is an exciting and important place at our Kennel!  All of our precious puppies are bonn inside our home where we can keep a close eye on the little ones and their moms.



Gestation is about 63 days and Moms are brought into the whelping area a week before their due date so that we can chart their temperature and watch for birth.  Birthing is thrilling but also can be stressful, lasting many hours.  We stay with Mom for her labor and whelping and offer a special enriched supplement to help boost her energy.  We encourage Mom to take care of each pup as it is being born but we never leave her side in case assistance is needed.  After birth, each pup is examined and weighed and we make sure it is nice and warm in its first attempt at nursing. 

After the pups are born, bedding is changed, lights are turned low and Mom is settled in with her kids for a well-deserved rest.  Mom and her babies are kept in the whelping box under a radiant heater to maintain correct body temperature.  We use baby monitors to keep a close eye and ear on our little ones.









So much happens in the first few weeks of a pup's life. They are born blind and deaf but God gives them a fully working nose so they can find mom on their own.  Between 10-14 days, their eyes begin to open. They start to hear and are startled by loud noises.  Mom still sleeps with her kids to make sure they are warm, clean and well fed.  Each week pups have their nails clipped and are weighed to make sure they are growing well.  Photos are taken each week so that our clients get to enjoy watching all the pups grow and change – it’s almost like being here!  







During the third week, pups are introduced to solid food softened with warm water or puppy supplement.  Weaning from Mom is a slow, scheduled process so that Mom does not develop any health issues.  By now, the pups are growing a set of razor sharp teeth and Mom welcomes the nursing break.  Our pups are started on high-quality holistic kibble that supports nutrition for growing pups.  We recommend pups stay on puppy food for the first year of their life. 





At the end of the fourth week, pups are transitioned to outdoors so they can learn potty skills and dog language and begin socialization in earnest.  They sleep in The Puppy Cabin which is heated with radiant heaters and is set up to include a large playing area, sleeping area and potty spot.  Dogs are naturally clean and do not like to sleep where they potty.  We provide a separate potty spot so they naturally learn the first steps in potty training on their own.  During the day, pups get to spend time outside where they get plenty of fresh Cariboo air and sunshine and where they get to meet some of our other adult dogs and learn that all important "dog language".




Visitors are always welcome at our kennel!!  We love to meet our adopting families and we think is it important (not to mention fun) for our clients to meet the mom and dad of their pup.  It is such fun for our clients to play with the pups and choose their puppy in person and we enjoy spending the time in this process. In order to prevent Parvo or other life-threatening diseases from being accidentally brought into our kennel, all visitors are asked to follow our strict health safety guidelines.